Welcome to Dallas: Mavs Intro Guide

Welcome to Dallas: Mavs Intro Guide

Now, I know all of you might not really be into sports, but I’m putting this small guide together to help you at least know a little bit about what’s going on.

One of the best parts about joining a huge city like Dallas is the sports teams.

Dallas has:

  • Dallas Mavericks

  • Dallas Cowboys

  • Dallas Stars

  • Texas Rangers

  • FC Dallas

For my seasoned basketball fans, this might not be the best post for you. I’m starting with the Dallas Mavericks because basketball is my favorite sport and I know this team better than any of the others on this list.

There’s a lot to know about this storied organization. The main thing I want to start with though is the player

Let’s learn a little about each of them:

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk is a legend. This is his 21st and most likely last season in the league. He’s German, really good at shooting, and hands down the most famous player on the team. I know 40 doesn’t sound that old, but in the NBA that’s Old, Old!

Deandre Jordan

This guy is coming over from the LA Clippers. He was suppose to have come about 3 years ago, but I don’t want to speculate on what happened there. The main thing to know about him is he’s a funny guy, great on defense, and is liable to do this…

Luka Doncic

Luka is from Slovenia. He was our draft pick this year and is suppose to have a really big impact on the league. A lot of people think he’s going to end the year as Rookie of the Year, but he has some hard competition to get through. This is going to be the main thing to watch this year.

Dennis Smith Jr.

DSJ is an amazing player who I feel was very close to having a case for Rookie of the Year, last year. He’s a very athletic point guard who was in the dunk contest last year for obvious reasons…

Notable: He’s close friends with J. Cole. Last season we saw Cole sitting sideline a few times supporting his friend, so don’t be surprised if we see more of that this season.

Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes is a big part of this team. You will see a lot of shots going through him. I think this guy has potential to be an All-Star. I just haven’t seen it yet. This might be the year he takes that leap!

J. J. Barea

J. J. Barea is one of my favorite players. He’s only about 6 feet tall but what he lacks in height he makes up for in energy, hustle and skills. You want to see someone get out there and have some real passion? THIS IS YOUR GUY! Barea gets me hype every time I see him take a step on to court because I know he’s about to get out there and really compete!

These are the main people you should look out for as new Mavericks fans. They have a great team from top to bottom, but you should learn these guys first.

Have you ever been to an NBA Game? Who is your team?

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