The Go Tos: Las Colinas Ain't That Far Pt. 1

The Go Tos: Las Colinas Ain't That Far Pt. 1

Me: Come out to Las Colinas. First and second round on me.

Y'all: Oh man that so far though! 

I have had this conversation at least 5 times this month. Y'all talk like Las Colinas is Fort Worth. In reality, Las Colinas is literally under 20 minutes from Downtown Dallas. 

Need more motivation to come out here besides seeing my beautiful face? Okay well here’s a list of some of the dope Happy Hours at Toyota Music Factory:

Bar Louie


Mon-Fri 4-7p

This. Is. My. Home. 

Bar Louie is hands down my favorite bar in the whole area. The staff is dope. Word to Neefa. The management is super cool. Word to Mark. The whole environment here just feels good. 

Happy hour: 

  • $3.50 14oz drafts
  • $4.50 wine by the glass
  • $5.50 martinis

That’s the regular happy hour. On Tuesday’s they do $5 burgers! The Spiked Bulleit Bourban burger is a little more, but well worth the extra dollar they charge. (You got it. Ball out.)

This is the perfect place to come after work and catch a game or maybe meet up with a date, but to warn you, the bartenders and servers are all bad too so... do what you will with that information.


Thirsty Lion


All Week 3-6p & 9:30p-close

To be honest I had never heard of this place before. but when I went in I was impressed. Wait staff was really cool, TVs everywhere, and bruh... the margaritas! They have this agave syrup they put in them and it was delicious!

Happy Hour: 

  •  $4.95 wells, house wine, and margaritas
  • $4.95 Queso, fries, salad, edamame, and bacon cheddar potato cakes (honestly I don’t know what a potato cake is, but at this point I’m too full to find out.) 

This is a dope little late night happy hour. Everything is honestly pretty affordable. 



Sun-Thurs All Day

Gloria’s is known for the margaritas. They have the bomb tacos and an assortment of other dope Mexican food, but the margaritas keep you coming.

The happy hour list is too long to list here but I can tell you my highlights:

  • $6 margaritas, mojitos, and sangria
  • $8 signature drinks
  • Half priced bottles of wine

I honestly never realized that they had half off bottles of wine. That’s definitely the move next time I go. 

Wow the more I look at this I’m realizing that this low key might be the brunch move! 


Boi Na Braza 


Mon-Sat 4:30-7p & 9p-Close

This is the fanciest place in the area. I honestly wasn’t even sure if they would have a happy hour, but they did and it was kinda bomb. At the top of the happy hour menu they had this thing called a Caipirinha. Don’t ask me to prounounce it. I promise you I’m going to embarrass myself. It’s a cocktail made with cachaça, sugar, and lime. I’m told it’s like a cross between tequila and rum. 

Thought I was about to have to really scrape my little coins together for this one, but the happy hour is actually really affordable: 

  •  $5 house caipirinhas and house spirits
  •  $4 Brazilian and domestic beers
  • Half price on bar bites

I was actually able to do a pretty affordable HH this day.  


So as you can see Toyota Music Factory is pretty dope. I’ve really only given you about half of the places here though. Be on the lookout for Pt. 2 with places like Kabuki, Grimaldi’s, and the Alamo Drafthouse. Actually if you subscribe you for sure won’t miss out so... maybe you should do that. 😏

Also, I live literally down the street from here. You can catch me dang near every Tuesday doing $5 burgers at Bar Louie. Pull up! DM me! Let me know you in my part of town!


( Also just for context I actually wrote this whole post while I was at a happy hour and finished it up after the happy hour so... there might be some errors in this one. Just ignore those. 😅)

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