Dating in Dallas: #BudgetBae

Dating in Dallas: #BudgetBae

This week I was having a conversation in The Connect Dallas and a really interesting question came up:

What is an acceptable first date?  

There are some folks that feel very strongly about this topic. 

There are some people who feel that just hanging out at the crib and watching TV is good enough. There are some that feel like if you want to court someone you should be putting in some real effort and taking them out to eat at an actual restaurant and the guy should be footing the bill.  

We could go back and forth all day, but the big thing that came out of the convo was once you’ve actually started dating someone, going out to eat every time y’all want to hangout starts to add up. It’s not something that’s really sustainable. I know I’ve been there before where you just get comfortable with the person and y’all are both trying to save money so y’all just chill at the crib all the time. 

That can get boring so I have a solution:

Dating in Dallas: #BudgetBae Pt. 1

I’ve put together a small list of date ideas that are creative and frugal. Things that you can do on the regular basis and not hurt that budget that you put together while you save up for your summer moves. 

 1. Photoshoot

This first one is really simple and can probably go with all of the rest. A lot of us have these expensive phones that we spend x amount on every month. The cameras on them are actually pretty dope. Even if you’re rocking with something old like the iPhone 6, there are apps that help you take pretty nice photos. Or, you can go retro on em and go grab an old disposable camera. Either way, it’s not really about the photos but just going out and taking photos of each other.

Photoshoot I did with my little sister.

Photoshoot I did with my little sister.

It’s summer and it’s starting to get beautiful outside. Go find some cool settings and capture the moment. Once you start taking photos you can really get carried away. Even if you don’t want to be in front of the camera you can be behind it the whole day and just make it all about the person you’re with.

(To my guys: you give her some dope pictures of herself that she can post on her IG I promise she’s going to appreciate that more than the Chili’s 2 for $20 deal. No shade on the bacon ranch quesadillas though. They’re bomb.)

2. Bike Sharing Adventure

Dallas has a lot of bike sharing apps popping up. Ofo, LimeBike, Mobike, VBike, etc. I’ve had numerous adventures on these bikes. Some that I’m not sure I’m able to talk about because I’m not 100% sure on the laws of riding bikes in public and on streets so I’m going to just keep those to myself. 


But find some good parking downtown, grab a couple of bikes, and go exploring. You might find a dope little spot you’ve never seen or you might even stumble upon an event you didn’t know about. You just never know where a bike and a little luck might take you. 


3. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter 

I’m going to be real with you. I’m probably not going to do this one. I’m soft and I’d walk out with at least 2 puppies. I just don’t need that in my life right now. 


But, if you have more willpower than me, then this could be a great date. You can really tell a lot about a person by the way they interact with animals. Also, it’s not something either of you will forget. You might even leave with a puppy or kitten. 

4. Karaoke

Now I really don’t recommend this to everyone. Not all of y’all are talented, award winning, vocalist such as myself. Honestly though ,most people aren’t, so go out and just have fun. If you’re trying to stick to that budget then y’all can do drinks at the crib and then Uber to the nearest karaoke bar.

Now, I’m still trying to find my karaoke spot, but I recommend just finding a spot where it isn’t an actual karaoke bar. They usually have less rules. 

If you happen to be in Fort Worth, I highly recommend Daiquiri Daddi’s. They have $2.50 daiquiris. Have like two of those and you’ll be GOOD. They’ll have you out there singing like you trying to get a record deal. 


5. Black Canvas

If you’ve read this blog then you’ve probably heard me mention this place a million times. Black Canvas is an open mic event that showcases some of the dopest artist in Dallas. They host an event every 2nd and 4nd Thursday at The Island Spot on Jefferson Street. 

Pull up, get cheap drinks, enjoy live music, and bask in the culture’s ambiance. I highly recommend this one.  




As you can see, this is only the start of this series. I have a few more concepts, but I want to try them out before I recommend them. I also don’t have a girlfriend, so it might be awhile. 

Please share this post. Maybe even with the person you’re dating. Little subtle hint that you’re tired of only going out when Wingstop is doing 50¢ wings.  

I got y'all! 


Also comment any cool date ideas you might have! 

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