Dating in Dallas: #Budgetbae pt. 2

Dating in Dallas: #Budgetbae pt. 2


Hello there. It’s me again... your budget bae. *Queues Careless Whisper by George Michael*

On the last Budget Bae, I gave some pretty general date ideas, but none were actual locations or specific activities. This time around I’ve made it a little easier on you. Let’s dive in: *Queues Trey S... nevermind*

T.A.C.O. Tuesday @ Alamo Drafthouse 

If you follow me on Instagram then you already knew this one was coming. Every Tuesday Alamo Draft House at Toyota Music Factory does $5 movie tickets! It’s summer time and there are going to be some blockbusters. 


Also, right next to Alamo you will find Bar Louie which does $5 burger night on Tuesdays. If that isn’t enough for you then I also have a list of happy hours in Toyota Music Factory. A few of those are even late night deals that start at 9pm. 

I know that’s a lot but the best dates are adventures. If you can end the night, look back and say you went to 3 different spots and didn’t spend more than $35 on the whole night, that’s a win. Also your date is going to be impressed and feel like you put a lot of work into planning things out.  

I just planned out y’all’s whole night. I better get a subscribe, RT on twitter, or something for this free game.  

The Free Man

If you read my Soul of Dallas post you know I feel some type of way about Deep Ellum at this point, but it has it’s redeeming qualities. 

The Free Man is one of those qualities. Any night you come in here you are going to get those Jazz/Blues vibes that this area was built on. It’s always free to just come in and see that night’s band play.  

My man really stood on the bar during his solo 😂🤣 

My man really stood on the bar during his solo 😂🤣 

I personally always buy a drink when I come in. I’m even more excited to do so when it’s happy hour:

Monday - Friday 4p-7p                                             $3 Wells / Half-price appetizers  

The last time I went I actually didn’t drink though. Me and my date got waters and just watched people dance to the music. There’s always this one old guy that’s been there dang near every time I’ve gone. If you go with your girl be careful. He might finesse you out of a date.  


Dallas Comedy Club

Okay I actually have another Deep Ellum move. Since I was in college I’ve always been a really big fan of improv. Just the spontaneity of seeing someone on stage who has no idea where the story is going. I personally really enjoy it. 

Dallas Comedy Club is an improv club that has regular shows for around $10 if you purchase in advance, BUT this is #Budgetbae. On Tuesday, it’s amateur night. That’s means it’s Free.99. You have a stage for improv and in another room a stage for stand up comedy. If you’re feeling extra bold, you can get on stage and perform, but if not it’s still fun to just watch. 


This date isn’t for everyone. You can’t just take anyone to something like this. If you go with someone who doesn’t have this particular brand of humor you’re going to hate the experience. Choose wisely.  


My last one is more of a tool than an actual date. If you don’t like any of my date ideas then you can always check out Eventbrite and find something.  

If you open up the app there is an option to go to your city, select the type of event you’re looking for, and choose “free events”. 


I’ve found a few pretty dope ones. Live XXV’s block party came up. There was a free wine tasting in Plano. Saw a few free art shows. There’s really a lot of dope stuff going on in Dallas. You just have to know how to find it. 



Well that’s all I got for you folks. Make sure to like my page on Facebook. There’s actually a bunch of events on the page that I’ve been coming across. Sunday I think I posted about 30 events so... yea you might want to go check that out.  

Stay Blessed.  


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