Podcast in Dallas

Podcast in Dallas

If you hadn’t heard already, I have a podcast!

The start to it has been slow but I’ve been pretty consistent putting out at least one episode a week.  

I have a lot of plans to improve but starting off I don’t think it’s been bad!  

Here are my first 4 episodes. Let me know what y’all think! 

Episode 1: Finding Community ft Kala Garner

This was my first episode! I chose Kala because she’s a really good example of a transplant who came here and built a good social circle. She’s involved with a ton of stuff and is an entrepreneur working for herself.  

She gave some really good insight on how to build out that circle. My favorite part from this interview was us talking about the fact that the best friendships come from being around people with a similar passion as you. You aren’t forcing hanging out with eachother by trying to actively set it up. Instead you’re both just showing up to this thing and naturally hanging out every so often. You really get to know someone when you see them in their element.  

Also Kala has a hilarious story on how she chose her church! 

You can listen to that here:

Or here on Itunes


Episode 2: What’s the Moves? Ft. Lauren Mac

Episode 2 I got to bring in the homie Elle Mac! 

Lauren does graphic design for a lot of events here in Dallas AND she’s the founder of Netwerk and Chill. With those two things combined, it makes her the perfect person to tell us about the whole night life scene here in Dallas.  

Lauren is another transplant and she told a really dope story about how she went from hating Dallas to loving the city and building a thriving business in it.  

She shared her protips in getting on the scene which included getting in somebodies groupme and figuring out which party promoters you like, not which venue you like. 

Check it out here: 

Here the Itunes Link Doe!

Y’all Hungry? Ft. Dalila Thomas

This one is for the foodies and my first episode with a sponsor! Shout outs to Peace Love & Eatz!

Dalila, aka Starving on a Budget, is the thought leader in Dallas when it comes to the foodie moves. (Her and Brandi. Shout outs to the food diaries.)  

I needed Dalila on the show so she could give us the food picks. She actually surprised me with some of them, but bigger than that she exposed me as a food novice in Dallas. I reeeeally need to try more food in Dallas!

We also touched on the rapidly growing Vegan scene in Dallas. 

I think my favorite part of the episode was when we got into the late night picks. She gave me the rules for Waffle House that I low key didn’t know. 

Here’s that episode: 

Itunes link and all-at…

Edgar Allen Moe ft. Becky the Poet

The name of this episode is a unique one but I’m legit adding that to my list of names.  

This one was also sponsored by Peace Love & Eatz! 

This is my latest episode to date. Me and Becky took a little dive into the poetry scene here in Dallas. I didn’t know it was so extensive. She dropped a lot of names. 

It was really cool to hear how much support is coming for this scene from people like Dallas Black Canvas, Dallas Poetry Slam, and now Thank God it’s Vegan (at Grow Desoto Market Place every Tuesday in February).

We got to hear about Becky’s journey to becoming a poet and even got a poem out of her. 

Here’s that episode: 

 Itunes and What Not…

Overall this has been a great experience so far. 

I really hope you all enjoy this or at least get something out of it.  

If you do, PLEASE leave a review. It helps me out A LOT! 

Thank you for supporting me and continuing to engage with me on social media. I really appreciate y’all and I pray y’all have a good one!

Thank you! 

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