The “I’m in your city” Rules

The “I’m in your city” Rules

I’ve been slacking on my writing, but some of you may know the homie Kalvin. He’s a poet here in Dallas and recently he laid down some really solid rules for those “I’m in your city” text you’re going to inevitably get this summer. I’ll let him take it from here.

It’s that time of the year again in Dallas… I’ve been in the city for two and a half years and every year we have to address this. Weather starts to get right on the weekends, heavy brunch moves, day parties start to pop off, and night time activities go to another level.

With all of that happening in Dallas you can always count on it. You’re going to get that text…

“I’m coming to Dallas to kick it with you.”

I’m with this ALWAYS, BUT… before all that happens, there’s a few ground rules that have to be THOROUGHLY ESTABLISHED:

  1. 2 Week Notice

    Let me know 2 weeks in advance so my body, liver and kidney can get mentally and physically prepared. Give me the same respect you would give ya’ job when you quit. If you tell me a few days before, please don’t expect for me to change my schedule. I will be on my couch.

  2. Uber/Lyft * skr skr *

    If you not flying into Lovefield(southwest), Uber & Lyft better be on your phone cause 80 percent chance I ain’t making that drive to DFW Airport. If you flying into DFW Airport YOU BETTER FOR SURE tell me 2 weeks or more in advance. If you tell me a few days before that you flying into DFW; i’ll text you my address and you go from there. 

  3. Business Hours

    If you just so happen to pop in the city and you hit me after 9pm CST and I’m not out & about, dressed or mentally prepared to turn up; I will kindly decline that invitation. I’m damn near 30. I’m old and naps are required  before I engage in ANYTHING.

  4. Buddy Pass?

    To my sisters/homegirls; your friends don’t get the same rights and privileges as you. You get preferential treatment on all food and liquor.

  5. Ballin’ on Who?

    For my guys; your dips are not part of my financial responsibility. I repeat; YOUR DALLAS THOTTIES ARE NOT PART OF MY FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY!!!

  6. Ego Check

    Also to my sisters/homegirls; if you know you have a friend who has a bad attitude; I HIGHLY suggest you leave her back in STL, LA, or wherever y’all coming from. We not babysitting egos during this turn up. 

If all these rules are followed and kept in mind, a great weekend can be had. 

-KJ Hilliard Jr.- 

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