Dating in Dallas: First Date Spots

Dating in Dallas: First Date Spots


I know you’re use to me writing my Budget Bae post, but that’s for seasoned relationships. The ones where you’ve been dating a while and you don’t want to go spend a lot of money everytime you see the person.

This post is more for your first date impressions. Now y’all know... I’m frugal. So, we won’t be breaking the bank here, but you should be ready to spend a LITTLE money.

Let’s delve into my choices shall we?

1. Nosh & Bottle


Nosh & Bottle is my favorite date spot in Dallas.

Yea, I might be a little bias because it’s super close to my place and I never want to drive anywhere, but I promise it’s much more than that.

The owner is a really cool guy and he’s put together a really cool staff.

He has a Fromager on staff. (Basically a sommelier for cheese.) Everyone there seems to be pretty knowledgeable about wine and can give you what I feel is a boutique wine buying experience.

Now you would think that a fancy place like this would be mad expensive but it’s really not that bad. The last date I went on I paid about $15 for a whole bottle and about  $12 for a cheese board that had two different types of brie, fig jam, crushed almonds, and caramelized pecans. It was worth every penny.

My favorite part about this place is that you can buy a bottle at a regular price but sit down and drink it in the store!

Last time I was there I got myself a bottle, sat down, chopped it up with the staff, then recorked my bottle and took it home for another day. You can’t beat that fam! 20 DOLLARS!


2. Saint Ann’s


In the Budget Bae post I once said that you have to do multiple locations on a date. It really makes the date feel more special if you take someone on an adventure versus just going to eat and then parting ways. 

Saint Ann’s is the perfect place to do this because after you’re done eating, there is a samurai museum upstairs. Who wouldn’t be interested in samurais?

If they aren’t interested in samurais, I think that actually says a lot about that person and I question if you should even be dating someone like that.

I want better for you.

Shameless plug:  My YouTube channel launched recently here’s the video:


3. Playground Bar


Okay I know it’s a bar, but peep this... you can go get lit off CAPRISUNS.

That in itself is a whole date, in my opinion.

”Oh my God, girl, he took me to a bar. At first I was mad, but then we got drunk off Caprisuns and Sunny D’s, also we had the cutest little moment talking about our childhoods on the seesaw.”

Thats the exact text she’s going to send to her friend after the date.

Also you’re in the middle of Uptown.

There are plenty of little spots y’all can slide to after the fact.


4. Kessler Bakery


Maaaan I’m actually kind of hesitant to write about this one because I feel like nothing I write can do it justice.

These are the best cookies I’ve ever had. 

These aren’t just some regular old cookies. I would call these gourmet cookies. These the kind of cookies that will have you looking at your granny sideways because you want to know why she never made cookies this good. 

This is a great spot to take someone with a sweet tooth.

5. Mola Mola Poke

I know y’all probably think I’m just trying to plug my YouTube right now. To that I have two things to say:

  1. You’re wrong.
  2. Go subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Mola Mola is a poke bowl spot kind of close to SMU. 

I don’t know about y’all but poke is a new concept for me.

The way poke has been described to me is like Chipotle but with sushi.  

I would say that’s very accurate.

The reason I have this as a first date idea is because it’s unique. The food is of course DELICIOUS, but taking someone on a date to try food they’ve never tried before is something that sticks with them.

When I take someone on a date I want the places to leave an impression that makes them think about me after. I think Mola Mola would make a great impression.

So that’s all I’ve got today for those first date spots.

Let me know if this is something you want to see Moore of. 

Stay Blessed.




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